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Case Studies

Everyone has their own style and family needs, but looking for inspiration can really help evolve your idea.​

Below are just a few case studies of garden rooms and garden projects built for an array of different requirements.

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Rooms To Grow

Made by us, for you. The below case studies provide an insight into a variety of projects we have completed across the UK.

Garden room red cedar wood, bifold doors, tunbridge

SIZE:           6 x 3m

STYLE:     Richmond

This garden room sits in a prized position overlooking a beautiful Lake and is the family hub for everyone to enjoy. It has a shower room and WC making the garden room somewhere you can spend quality time and have the most amazing sleepovers.

Garden room red cedar wood, rayleigh essex

SIZE:           6 x 5m

STYLE:   Marlborough

The owners needed a redesign of their garden to provide much-needed privacy and maximise the available space. Their new room looks beautiful and includes a pool table, office, TV room and a lovely decking area with seating outside for their much-loved BBQs.

carden room, cedar wood, hazel design, home gym

SIZE:           4 x 4m

STYLE:          Hazel

This stunning  Hazel design garden gym is nestled within beautiful trees, providing an illusive haven for our clients, keen health enthusiasts. This garden gym offers the perfect escape for their daily workouts without ever having to leave their home.

Garden room, cement board, marlborough design, bifold doors, essex

SIZE:         7.5 x 4m

STYLE:   Marlborough

This multi-room Cedral clad garden room maximises every inch to incorporate everything for the family. A separate office and shower room mean this stunning garden room with a large decking area is a perfect all-rounder for day, night and weekend entertaining.

garden rooom, red cedar wood, richmond design, essex

SIZE:           5.8 x 3.2m

STYLE:     Richmond

This stunning feature garden room adorned in rich Western Red Cedar provides the ultimate work-from-home experience. It exudes warmth and elegance with beautiful bi-folding doors opening onto the wrap-around decking, it can seamlessly evolve into a family entertainment space and to enjoy with guests. 

garden room wood, office

SIZE:          3.5 x 2.5  

STYLE:   Marlborough

Like many, working from home has become an essential way of life. Our customer needed to maximise the space by getting as close to the garage as possible. By using alternative cladding requiring minimal maintenance on the side, we were able to provide the right size garden room for their home office and separate living space.

garden room, cement board,

SIZE:           5 x 3m + 5 x 2.5m

 STYLE:     Marlborough

We were given the task of constructing two garden rooms on a challenging terrain. Our team of experts successfully built a gym/office and a children’s room with added storage that provides their entire family with their own space and independence. The steep rear drop created some challenges during the build, but our team created a stunning area that utilized the available space to the fullest. The decking project, which was required to work around a tree and the steep drop, was seamlessly integrated into the overall design, resulting in a unique garden setting that is sure to impress.

garden room, cement board, bifold doors, essex

SIZE:          7.5 x 4m

STYLE:   Marlborough

The ultimate investment for your family and your home. This full-sized garden room constructed in maintenance-free Cedral Cement-board gives the owners peace of mind that nothing will be required to keep their room looking like the day it was built. This feature will also hold its value over time, making it a sound investment for your home. Built for the whole family to enjoy with space for a pool table, we also incorporated a composite slatted bar.

garden room, cedar wood, bishop's stortford

SIZE:          7.5 x 4m

STYLE:          Hazel

Our largest Hazel design cladded with our high-quality rich and durable Thermowood Radiata Pine. This gorgeous garden room was specifically created to meet the needs of a family, serving as a place for games, work, and exercise, thus extending the home's benefits to the entire household.

garden room, cedar wood, highland design

SIZE:           5 x 3m

STYLE:   Highland

A beautiful Highland garden room that blends seamlessly into its surroundings. Its natural Western Red Cedar cladding adds vibrancy and warmth to the garden, creating a serene space that is perfect for both work and relaxation.

garden room, st lukes, essex

SIZE:         3.5 x 2.5m

STYLE:   Marlborough

This fully equipped garden office is a beautiful addition to any property. The exterior is clad in rich Thermowood Radiata Pine, giving it a natural and inviting look. It was specifically built for a growing family who needed a space to work undisturbed and focused while still being close enough to enjoy quality family time together. Whether you're running a business or need a quiet place to concentrate, this garden office is the perfect solution.

Garden room, red cedar wood, highland design, home clinic, essex

SIZE:          4 x 3m

STYLE:   Highland

Beauty is paramount for this technician's business. To accommodate her clients, our customer required a sanctuary close to home. A double-fronted Cedar step was built on the steep elevation to extend the rich, warm look into the stunning garden room. The end result is a warm, inviting, and relaxing space that makes a lasting impression.

garden room cedar wood, bromley

SIZE:          5 x 3m

STYLE:   Richmond

The family room and office are the most coveted spaces in any house nowadays. The garden room underwent several changes in shape and design during construction as the owners had more ideas about using this beautiful new entertainment area. Flexibility was crucial to ensure that the owners could finally get the garden room they truly desired.

garden room, cement board

SIZE:          4 x 3m

STYLE:   Marlborough

It can be challenging not to mix business with pleasure, especially when you have an office/entertainment room like this one. With lovely light grey Cedral Cement cladding, the room boasts a stunning view of the Jacuzzi through its two full-length windows, making it tempting to leave work behind and enjoy a relaxing summer day.

garden room, bishp's stortford

SIZE:          4 x 3m

STYLE:       Highland

A newly built house with an awkward space and angled fences seemed all too familiar. To optimize the available space, we positioned the opening windows in the front and utilized a maintenance-free Cedral Cement Board for the cladding. By choosing the Highland design, we were able to position the room closer to the boundaries and align it with the garage while still ensuring a stunning look.

garden room, office

SIZE:          4 x 2.5m

STYLE:       Highland

With natural soundproofing and entirely maintenance-free, our garden room was the perfect choice for our busy music teacher. Creating the ideal environment for music lessons. The large fronted doors and sidelights allow ample natural light, making the room bright and vibrant. It's a welcoming and inspiring space for any student. 

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CGI garden room

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