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All Rooms to Grow garden rooms come all-inclusive with foundations, a full electrical package including flush spot-lighting inside and out, heating, plaster and painted to finish as standard.

The possibilities are endless. We build bespoke, so whatever your idea we can bring it to life. We have 4 staple designs that most customers work from to help build their perfect garden room. These are just a base design.

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High Quality As Standard


|  Foundations

|  Full Electrical Connection

|  External Lighting

|  Flush Internal Spot Lighting

|  Hard Wired Internet

|  Heating

|  Double Sockets

|  Plaster & Painting

| Multiple Flooring Options

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Our friendly team is here to help, whether you want design ideas or to see how we can build to your budget, you can contact us using the buttons or form below.

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A contemporary modern garden room that fits right into any garden. This unimposing extension of your home is the inspiration room for many an artist and author who seeks sanctuary to create. 

High-performance insulation provides incredible warmth throughout the colder winter months and respite through the hotter summer days. 

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The Marlborough is your versatile option; this room can suit nearly every need. Whether it's an adults evening chill out by night and a yoga room by day, or a competitive pool and darts room while entertaining with friends.


Suitable for all optional extras, including soundproofing, underfloor heating, air-condition and enviable lighting features.

Martin_61CotswoldAvenue-2 (1).jpg


The Richmond, the wow room that will have all your friends talking. If you are going to have 'Rooms to Grow' create you a room, why not make a statement whilst you do it.


Literally cutting edge, a fantastic and popular design built to enhance any garden style and give your home office or classy home bar the feel it deserves.

3 Lakeview Road 02.jpg


The Hazel Design is the stunning statement centrepiece of anyone's garden. The 'complete' room, with built-in decking, has alluring external lighting encompassed by the bespoke fronting walls surrounding the room, creating a warming atmosphere from any angle you can see.

This design was brought about to create a special, more enchanting feel from inside as well as outside the room.

Garden room, red cedar wood, hazel design, home GYM

Building To Suit Your Needs

Your space and your home are personal, so we deliver a fully bespoke service to ensure you maximise the space you need to grow.  

Room To Live

Whatever your instrument, however loud it goes, try a small orchestra if you want. Top-class soundproofing will keep you on side with the neighbours and shield your blushes until your ready for the stage.

Room To Party

Missing your nights out, and fun up the pub. Darts, pool, karaoke, Martini shaken not stirred, whatever your tipple, there is no curfew here. A short walk home to bed and no taxis sounds like a great evening.

Room To Work

Working from home, who isn't! Whether you love being at home or it's a challenge, choose the space that works for you. No need to fight over the thermostat and enjoy your homebrew in your favourite cup on your desk.

Room To Meditate

Reduce stress, increase calmness seek clarity and promote happiness, now who doesn't want that? Find your zen, and with door fit blinds, no one will see you can't touch your toes if you don't want to.

Room To Exercise

Whether you love it or loathe it, get the bike out of the garage dust off the cobwebs, open the bi-folds and take in the fresh air, you'll be setting personal bests before you know it.

Room To Play

From soft play for the little ones, a bit of table football or air hockey for the taller ones, to the headsets on and see you in 6 hours gamers. This is room for fun and games at all ages.

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Next Steps?

Get in touch with us to go through your specific needs and wants, or use our online Rooms to Grow planner and build what you want your dream Room to look like, windows and all! We are here to help, to increase the space and functionality of your home, from gyms to studies, playrooms to bedrooms. We can't wait to start creating a Room to Grow with you.

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