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Do Garden Rooms Add Value To your Property?

As a homeowner, you may be thinking about the future. What changes should I make to my property? How can I make the most of my house? These are some of the thoughts that may cross your mind.

And perhaps you have considered having a garden room, but you’re not sure whether it would be a wise investment for your home.

The short answer is yes, but if you want to know the details, please read on. We’ll share how a garden room can increase your property’s value and saleability.

What research says

Both Forbes and the Telegraph agree that a garden room is an affordable way of adding “significant value for needed extra living space.”

Covid-19 has impacted what buyers are looking for in their next home. A recent survey conducted by Rightmove indicated that 63% of buyers want a property with a garden and 36% need a better home workspace.

Nowadays having the space to work from home is a must. And a separate room away from the house is now more attractive than ever. Thus, garden offices have become one of the most sought-after features.

The Telegraph has recently mentioned a case in which a client of JM Chase Property Search & Acquisition invested around £10,000 in installing a clapboard garden office, and this decision resulted in a £90,000 increase to the initial value of the property in Chiswick, west London.

So, considering these numbers, garden rooms are a worthwhile investment.

But what else makes garden rooms so popular?

What garden rooms provide to your property

In a previous blog, we mentioned the main benefits of a garden room. But here are some of the reasons behind the growing desirability of garden rooms in the UK:

  • Additional living space

  • Extra storage

  • Privacy

  • Year-round functionality

In addition, one of the most appealing attributes of a garden room is its versatility. Depending on your needs you can turn your garden room into an office, a gym, a cinema or a studio. The possibilities are endless, and this aspect increases the appeal of your property.

However, before installing your garden room great attention should be paid to its quality, craftsmanship and suitability.

The importance of a quality installation

Garden rooms do add value to your property, but only if made with premium materials and by an expert team of developers.

Low-quality workmanship is a liability. The foundations and the roofing structure should be efficiently made to ensure the longevity of the outbuilding. In addition, you should make sure the garden room is built within regulations.

Among other things, a quality garden room should have adequate insulation and ventilation. The electrics and heating are also essential for year-round functionality.

These elements are key when considering having your garden room. This decision will only be a smart investment if the garden room is installed properly.

You’ll need trustworthy professionals caring about the finest details. And that’s where we come in.

How Rooms to Grow can help

As accredited members of the Consumer Protection Association (CPA), our Rooms to Grow developers will ensure your peace of mind every step of the way.

You can communicate the requirements of your project, and we will provide you with a quality built bespoke garden room to suit your needs. And on top of that, it will be backed by a 10-year guarantee!

Worried about breaking the bank? Fear no more. We offer an array of countless opportunities for the most affordable price.

Contact us and we will guide you through the process. Book a call today.


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