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Top 5 Things to Put In Your Garden Room

Have you recently been thinking about having your own garden room?

Well, you’re right. It’s a superb idea.

A garden room is a place where you can escape reality, unwind, and indulge in your hobbies whilst finding refuge in nature. It’s also an ideal space to spend time with your family and friends.

But what makes a great garden room? In this post, you’ll discover the top 5 things that will make your garden room more pleasant all year round.

1- Comfy Furniture

Nowadays, working from home has become a necessity, an essential way of life. Why not turn your garden room into a garden office?

A garden office provides a quiet place to focus on work. No need to commute. Increase your productivity by adding a functional desk and an ergonomic office chair to your garden room.

You also need a comfortable sofa where you can spend your afternoons reading or sleeping. Style it to your liking. And take inspiration from retro or modern trends.

Consider textures and patterns. You can decorate it with colourful cushions. Perhaps add a thick tactile throw over the arm to give your sofa a cosy appearance.

If you love coffee, afternoon tea, and snacks, you need a coffee table. It will be useful during social gatherings, on movie nights or when watching sporting events in your garden room. Also, include foldable or stackable chairs and pouffes for your guests.

2- Decking Area

Increase the living space of your garden room by including a decking area in its design. This way, you’ll benefit from an indoor-outdoor area that you can dedicate to your favourite activities.

Imagine that you are waking up from a well-deserved nap. Grab your mat, open the doors of your garden room, and work on your yoga poses whilst admiring the sunset. Wouldn’t it be nice?

Sunshine and barbecues go hand in hand. A lovely decking area with seating outside is the perfect setting for a weekend BBQ with your loved ones.

Are you a romantic? Don’t forget a two-seat dining set for an incredible moonlight dining experience with your partner.

3- Shower Room

Given the scorching temperatures in the UK during summer, having a shower room is a smart idea. If you like working out in your garden room, a shower room is highly convenient. After exercising, you can have a relaxing cool shower and continue your routine.

A garden room with a WC allows you to invite your best friends and have the most amazing sleepovers. There’s no need to disturb your family members at home.

A shower room and WC make your garden room a place where you can spend quality time during extreme heatwaves. But you should also ensure your garden room is well insulated so that it also keeps you warm during winter.

4- Indoor Plants

Decorate your garden room with flower plants and small trees. Indoor gardening is a therapeutic hobby.

Your garden office can benefit from having indoor plants. Place some cacti or small succulent plants on your desk. Studies have proven that plants relieve stress and boost creativity and productivity.

Plants also reduce carbon dioxide levels, improve air quality, and help keep air temperatures down.

5- Home Bar

Do you like mixing cocktails? A bar counter, home bar shelves, and a couple of stools can be a great addition to your garden room.

Stock up on your favourite spirits, mixers and garnishes. Buy enough glassware and accessories. And treat guests to classic drinks or your signature cocktails.

A home bar and refreshing drinks are a great excuse to party and celebrate life.


This article has presented the top 5 things to put in a garden room so that you can make the most of the space. But remember that a garden room should reflect your personality and be designed according to your needs.

It’s always advisable to work with trustworthy developers and manufacturers so that you have a functional garden room all year long. And we can help you.

Fully installed and ready to use, Rooms to Grow garden rooms are made with premium-grade building materials sourced from leading manufacturers.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at our case studies. And get in touch with us today.


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