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Garden Rooms Essex

Providing unique garden rooms for families in Essex.

We are accredited garden room builders with a reputation for constructing superior, energy-efficient, homely garden rooms that change the way families use their homes in and around Essex.

New Build Dates Available For July & August

What’s Included with Your Essex Garden Room?

Because our service is entirely custom from start to finish, you can choose where you’d like to have your doors and windows, the style of the flooring, the lighting set up, and much more.

All-Inclusive Features for Every Garden Room

| Bespoke Design for All Sizes

| Foundations

| Heating

| High-Performance Insulation

| Plastering and Painting

| Full Electrical Connection

| Hard Wired Internet Connection

| Double Sockets

| Flush Internal Spot Lighting

| External Lighting

| Oak Laminate Flooring

Our Bespoke Designs Can Also Include

Plumbing & Utilities

Toilets & Shower Rooms

Changing Rooms & Saunas


Underfloor Heating


Specialist Lighting

Smart Home Set-Up

Storage Rooms

Decking & Canopies

Planning & Building Control

All Our Rooms Are Custom-Built

What sets us apart from the rest is that our bespoke service is both all-inclusive and fully customisable.

Designing and Building Garden Rooms In and Around Essex

Create your perfect space and ambience with completely bespoke rooms, doors, and window sizes in all our garden room designs. Regardless of size and style, all our garden rooms are entirely custom-made for you, with no hidden costs.

| Chelmsford

| Colchester

| Rayleigh

| Bishop Stortford

| Southend-On-Sea






Why Choose Us for Your Garden Room in Essex?

Choosing us means opting for quality, customisation, and attention to detail. Our garden rooms in Essex are designed to meet each client's specific desires and requirements, ensuring that every project is as unique as its owner. We pride ourselves on offering:

Garden Room Ideas for Your Essex Home

Because our garden rooms are fully customisable, you can have a garden office, a studio for your art, an entertainment room fo the whole family, or even a hybrid garden room that fits all of the above.

Convenience and Privacy


There are many situations where a garden room would improve your home. Not only do you get the benefit of an Essex garden office, home gym, entertainment room or bar on your doorstep, but you also get a private space for all the family to enjoy.

Local Knowledge and Experience


As an Essex-based business, we understand Essex's diverse landscapes and architectural styles, allowing us to create garden rooms that are perfectly integrated into our local environment. View our case studies and read our testimonials to find out more.

Garden Office Essex


Our garden offices are the new way to work from home. You can create some distance from the house and have a designated space to concentrate and focus while only being a minute away from the rest of the family. It’s the perfect hybrid option.

Garden Studio Essex


We can help you design a garden studio with any art form in mind. Whether it be a soundproof garden room to practise music, a sculpting studio, a space to write, a place to paint, or anything in between.

Fast and Reliable Service


Following an initial discussion, we can provide a complete bespoke proposal with floor plans, CGI images and costs (STS). We can complete a free site survey to discuss your design ideas and assess the site for compatibility. Our average lead time is 4-6 weeks, but with dates available sooner, depending on location. The building process usually takes between 10-15 working days, depending on design specifics.

All-Inclusive Service for All Builds

We know that arranging and sourcing all the services necessary for constructing a high-quality garden room can be complex and expensive. That's why we provide an all-inclusive turnkey solution that takes care of everything, including foundations and all electrical work, so the customer is not burdened with these fundamental aspects.   

Garden Gym Room Essex


Design your perfect workout space with one of our garden rooms and kit it out with weights, cardio machines, punch bags, and HIIT equipment. Work out in privacy and remove all distractions and excuses to reach your fitness goals.

Garden Entertainment Room Essex


Would you like a cinema room, a pool room, or a games room? Because our garden rooms are fully bespoke and designed by our customers, we can curate them to suit a range of functions for all the family to enjoy.

View Our Case Studies

Garden room case studies

Build Online

CGI Garden room


A contemporary modern garden room that fits right into any garden. This unimposing extension of your home is the inspiration room for many an artist and author who seeks sanctuary to create. 

High-performance insulation provides incredible warmth throughout the colder winter months and respite through the hotter summer days. 

RTG WEB Case Studies (1).png


The Marlborough is your versatile option; this room can suit nearly every need. Whether it's an adults evening chill out by night and a yoga room by day, or a competitive pool and darts room while entertaining with friends.


Suitable for all optional extras, including soundproofing, underfloor heating, air-condition and enviable lighting features.

Martin_61CotswoldAvenue-2 (1).jpg


The Richmond, the wow room that will have all your friends talking. If you are going to have 'Rooms to Grow' create you a room, why not make a statement whilst you do it.


Literally cutting edge, a fantastic and popular design built to enhance any garden style and give your home office or classy home bar the feel it deserves.

3 Lakeview Road 02.jpg


The Hazel Design is the stunning statement centrepiece of anyone's garden. The 'complete' room, with built-in decking, has alluring external lighting encompassed by the bespoke fronting walls surrounding the room, creating a warming atmosphere from any angle you can see.

This design was brought about to create a special, more enchanting feel from inside as well as outside the room.

Garden room, red cedar wood, hazel design, home GYM

Invest In Yourself with a Garden Room

Here at Rooms To Grow, we provide fully customisable garden rooms for our customers’ homes in Essex. Whether you are looking for a quiet space to work, an area to be creative with art or music, or even just a room to watch movies and let your kids play, a garden room can be a very versatile space for the whole family.

If you have any questions or queries then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Business Hours
Weekdays: 9am-5pm
Saturday: 10am-2pm
Sunday: Closed

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